Is money really stopping you getting a job you love?

Living in the modern Western world as we all do, we have been extremely fortunate over the recent decades to do a job and get relatively well paid. However that has led us into an “artificial” trap.

Many of us now feel that we need to keep going with a job we hate because it pays the bills and offers us a lifestyle that we have been very accustomed to.

Sounds familiar? Perhaps only when you have a life changing event, such as having children etc do you really sit back and evaluate your priorities and purpose in life. Even then, many of us continue on the same path in the belief that we can’t afford to change now.

I believe wholeheartedly that the fear of money running out or not having enough money is the biggest block to my clients finding a job they love.

To help you tackle this block and unravel your money fears, I have prepared the following questions. Sit down with a coffee and think about the following questions:

  • What is your earliest memory of money?
  • How important is money as a goal in itself to you?
  • How much money would make you happy?
  • Finish the following sentence: If only I had money I would….
  • Be honest with yourself – is lack of money really stopping you having the career you want?

For many of my clients, they feel that money is stopping them doing what they want to do. So I work with them in early sessions to help them understand that money is essential to life but lack of money is not really the reason why we don’t do what we want to do in our career.

Once my clients understand that money is achieved as a result of doing something they love, they are ready to move ahead and discover exactly what that is.

My next career tip will help you with this. I will be helping you gain a sense of your passions and how you can find work and really put your heart into it.

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