Questions my clients ask me….

Coaching is about making changes in your life.  Coaching will help you achieve your goals and attain the success that you are striving for.  Clients get what they want as they work with their coach who will listen, support and challenge them in order to move them forward in their thinking.

During a coaching programme a client will set goals (which are the outcomes that they want to see in their life) and will then take actions towards these goals and achieve the success they want.  The brilliant thing about coaching is that not only do my clients get the results they want, they often achieve more than they thought possible.  Coaching brings out this potential for success!

  • Recognise and discover what your interests are and what makes you tick. And ultimately discover a career that fulfills your needs.
  • Appreciate your positive qualities and strengths.  When you find work that is innate to you and you find it interesting and are inspired by it, success is inevitable.
  • Enhance yourself awareness – so you can build better relationships with people and communicate more effectively.  Plus learn to manage all the demands placed on you as a working mother.
  • Create the life you want – define your work/life balance and what success means for you. Once you get this vision it will act as your compass every day guiding you through life taking you towards to the life you’ve imagined.
  • Get results- – with your coach you will identify goals that you need to achieve and steps that you need to achieve to reach this.   Each time you compete an action, you will be taking a step closer to your ideal life.

Coaching is suitable for anyone who wants to make changes in their life.  Typically I work with:

  • Professional working mothers, who are doing too much with too little time.  Many have spent years developing their careers and now that they are mothers, want to make some changes.  They still want success but it needs to be in a balance way.
  • Women returning to work – maybe seeking to work flexibly, or have been out of the workplace for a few years raising children and want coaching to kick start their return to work.

Not a mother?  I also work with many individuals who are:

  • Wanting to change career and discover work that they really love.
  • Wanting to work on an issue they feel is holding them back so they can achieve success in their career.
  • Individuals seeking promotion and want to be more successful.

I also work with forward thinking businesses who have individuals they want to see achieve their potential.

Coaching is successful when you are:

  • OPEN to challenging your thoughts and ideas
  • FOCUSED on yourself
  • HONEST about what you want
  • COMMITTED to changing your current career situation (and even if you want to improve your current job)

During sessions we work on your agenda and talk about issues affecting you. We will have regular sessions so you will get continuity and support when taking actions on the things you want to change.  Your career coach is completely focused on you during your sessions and wants you to achieve your dream as much as you do.

I offer a unique service to my clients that are making career changes.  As well as coaching, I can offer services in CV preparation, job search and interview skills coaching.  Having worked in HR for many years I have gathered many years experience of this.  Not only can I help you discover what career changes you want to make, I can fully support you through this process too!

This depends on what you want, your speed for progress and your time available for coaching and for taking action on the things you want to change.

I typically work with clients over a 3 month period. By this point many clients will have achieved the success they want. Depending on the goal, some clients will still be working on their goal after coaching completes however they will know exactly what they need to do to achieve this. I always have a post coaching session 3 months after to celebrate clients success and focus on their future goals.

My clients typically pay between £30 to £170 per month.  However, we are all unique and I will tailor-make a programme to suit your needs and goals and work within your budget.  I believe that coaching is for everyone, and all budgets.

Sessions are held on a 1:1 basis, tailored to your needs. They offer you time to discuss issues affecting your career.

Coaching is typically by telephone, or if preferred, face to face (if living in the Edinburgh/Glasgow areas). Sessions are usually held fortnightly depending on your availability and your pace for progress.

If you want to discuss any of the above in more detail or have any further areas you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kerry.