Coaching for mums

Perhaps you are a busy working mum:

  • Looking to make a career change that fits with your family
  • Looking to return to work after maternity leave or career break
  • Change direction after redundancy
  • Wanting to achieve success in a balanced way
  • Set up your own business and become a mumpreneur

Sounds familiar?

Many of my clients are professional working mums. They have spent years developing their career, living the dream thinking they can have it all! Why not, we’re told we can often enough.

Then we hit the ground with a bump….kids come along and our priorities change completely.

All mums are working mums. And whether your a mum that needs to work for financial reasons, or want to work as you still want to achieve success, career coaching can help you. By working with Kerry Lindsay and making the investment in yourself, you can make changes in your working life so you get a job you love and successfully combine this with your family life.

Read all about my Ultimate Clarity Programme to find out more what’s involved in career coaching, and sign up for the free E-Course for 7 habits of highly effective working mums below.


7 Habits of Highly Effective Working Mums: 

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